“My therapist is like a breath of fresh air, she has been exemplary is helping me through my anxiety with school and work. The capacity to have a truly unbiased dialogue and help me find that work/school/life balance has lifted me to a new level. I leave our sessions feeling more jovial and lighter spirited. There are not enough good words I can say.”

“I was referred to Mindful Wellness by a co-worker. She has had nothing but good experiences and now so have I. The level of professionalism and care I (still) receive here has changed what I thought I knew about therapy and counselors. I’m very happy to be making the progress I am with such a great support team.”

“A consummate professional in every single sense of the word. From the easful and approach to delicate subject matters, to attentiveness to your concerns and methods deployed to help with them, to the layout and aesthetic of the office itself. Dignity, empathy, and awareness were impressed upon me. The experience is a package, and while it’s not something I’d wish others to have to go through, if you do, make every effort possible to make it happen here, with these fine folks. You will not be remissed.”