Current Therapy Groups

Adolescent DBT and Life Skills Groups

Today’s society has placed unprecedented pressure on teens and young adults. From school to extra curriculars to social media, the expectations seem endless. Meeting with other teens who experience similar stress and learning practical skills to manage the stress and emotions can be invaluable to ensure success and happiness. This group is DBT based.

Assert and Empower

Assert and Empower is a 6 week, closed group, addressing everything assertiveness. The group focuses on breaking cognitive errors regarding assertiveness, learning the power of “No”, boundaries, self image and embodying confidence. The group has aspects ranging from skill development, to art, to somatic/body work.

Building a Life Worth Living: Adult DBT Group

This adult DBT group explores the DBT concept of Building a Life Worth Living while learning and integrating skills based on the 4 main principles of DBT: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

We Also Offer Individual Counseling Services

Couples Therapy

happy couple holding hands after Couples Counseling in Mesa AZ

Couples therapy can help any couple develop tools and achieve goals of being happier and staying together. It’s not too late! Click below to find out how our licensed therapists use the Gottman Method to help hundreds of “happy again” couples, like you, every year.

Trauma & Grief Counseling

A clear path ahead after Grief Counseling and Trauma Therapy in Mesa AZ

Overcoming trauma or grief can be a long road. Having professional help can help you recover more quickly and completely. Click Below to learn more about how our expert counselors can use modern techniques like EMDR or DBT to help you get thru it.

Play Therapy

Happy Family Recovering after Play Therapy for Children in Mesa AZ

Helping kids and teens can be difficult from a guardian role. Many times an outside voice or alternative method can help a heal our kids when they need it most. Click Below to learn how safe and comfortable methods like play-therapy can make all the difference for your child.