Mindful Wellness of Arizona is committed to creating a safe space, free from judgment, while providing an integrative and holistic approach to healing, growth and wellness. 

Current Groups

Adolescent DBT and Life Skills Groups

Today’s society has placed unprecedented pressure on teens and young adults. From school to extra curriculars to social media, the expectations seem endless. Meeting with other teens who experience similar stress and learning practical skills to manage the stress and emotions can be invaluable to ensure success and happiness. This group is DBT based.

Assert and Empower

Assert and Empower is a 6 week, closed group, addressing everything assertiveness. The group focuses on breaking cognitive errors regarding assertiveness, learning the power of “No”, boundaries, self image and embodying confidence. The group has aspects ranging from skill development, to art, to somatic/body work.

Inner Child Groups

Based on the Murray Method, our inner child groups focus on tapping into the different parts of our self, our inner children. It combines extensive journal exercises with art to tap into a deeper level of personal understanding and healing.


Combing forces with Happy Hour Counseling, STRONG MAMA is designed to help you move through the most difficult transitions that all mothers face. Our course is designed to create a supportive and judgment free environment where you will learn practical tools to help improve your well-being as a mom. Meet fellow moms and build relationships that can last a lifetime. We bring you art, movement, nutritional education, skills and connections to bring you confidence and peace in your mothering journey.

Summer Programs

Mindful Wellness is currently working on developing intensive summer workshops and groups to offer those adolescents and young adults on summer break. Spend your break growing, healing and learning lifelong skills. Check back soon for more information.